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The perfect ally to decorate empty spaces

In your houses, this happens to you and you do not know how to decorate the spaces that are free on the walls or on top of some piece of furniture. It is one of those stories that begin in the most unexpected and casual very possible without planning. In 2012  his founder was visiting London. Hitchhiking wanted to save the cardboard he used as a souvenir for his partner this when he saw the used cardboard he came up with the idea of ​​putting a photo on it and hanging it on.

decorate empty spaces

One of the walls of his house to have him always remembers. After this stroke of chance, they both knew that a great idea had occurred to them and that they had to choose a name for that object they had created and from which their lives took a big turn.

It is simple apparently simple and without much complication but, the story so romantic that surrounds him makes him a perfect product both to decorate his own house laps to give to that special person and to create with, your own history. Below, we show some of the ideas so fantastic and cool that from their website, proposed the creators.

After this dose of inspiration, you would love to know how works and where you can buy it, right? As it is very easy accessing your website you can create and customize your own with your photos and them they will send it home directly or even the home of the person to whom you want to give it. It is perfect what more could you want. It is an original idea with history that can count other histories and of course, perfect for any empty space that you have in your houses. What do you expect to create yours?