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Painting wood furniture finishes and different color

The well-made furniture can last for centuries, provided they are given proper finishing. Even wooden furniture painted in a dark color can be rescued without the hassle of removing the old finish. Use paint with oil-based enamel, which dries to a surface much harder than latex paints with water base. It is much less likely to paint with oil-based enamel to chip or peel in painted wood furniture, which can help your freshly painted and transformed piece last long.

Painting wood furniture


Clean the surface of wooden furniture with cleaner degreaser, such as trisodium phosphate. Using a soft cloth to spread the solution into the wood . Rinse timber thoroughly cleaning the trisodium phosphate solution with a cloth dampened with clean water. Rinse and squeeze the cloth frequently to make sure to rinse the surface. Dry the wood with a clean, soft and dry.

Fill any cuts, scratches or other irregularities on the surface, using a filler for wood and a small trowel. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the setting time before sanding.

Sand the entire piece with sandpaper 150 grit or finer. No strong pressures, the goal is to match the surface, not smooth it. The surface gives the primer matched something to grab onto, so that there is a tighter connection between the primer and the wood surface.

Remove sanding dust using a brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner. After using the cleaner, let the dust settle in the room for a few minutes, and then wipe away any dust or particles of sanding the wood with a tack cloth.

Apply one or two coats of primer, using a disposable foam paintbrush. These brushes minimize the appearance of lines in the normal paint brushes and make cleaning easy. Although the primer is offered for sale in white, the paint shop can be dyed for you. Make the dyed in a color slightly lighter than the new paint color you chose for your wood furniture . Depending on the original color of the piece and the color you paint it a tinted primer can afford to apply a single top layer of your chosen paint color. Let the primer dry. following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Alisa the primer gently passing superfine steel wool on it. Removes dust mop on the piece with a cloth to polish.

Paint the wooden furniture your final color using a disposable foam paintbrush. Begins at the bottom of the piece, going up. Paint the top end, whether it is a dresser or table. This reduces the possibility of damaging the paint on the visible surface while painting the sides and the legs of the piece. Let the paint dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. Apply a second coat, if desired, following the instructions in Steps 5 and 6.

Apply a clear top coat to protect the paint is chipping. Use polyurethane or varnish regularly, applying it as directed on the label for the type of brush and drying time.

Alisa final coat with superfine steel wool after the final coat of paint or sealer has dried completely. Follow that with a tack cloth to remove sanding residue.