Modern Ideas for painting the walls of the living room

The room Modern living has sleek lines, bold or neutral options of color and a sense of orderly balance. The choice of colors and finishes for the walls of a modern living room is a matter of personal taste, as well as consideration of existing decorations, like the colors of flooring, furniture and window treatments.

Bright colors
Choose a bold shade of red for the walls or orange, or chartreuse shade. Create balance for your bright colors, painting the window frames, doors and moldings white or white. Keep decor simple, with occasional touches of color and decorative pillows wall accessories .

painting the walls

Imitation cowboy
Be the first to paint the walls with a style faux denim. It’s easy to do. Paint the walls in cream or white for a base color and let them dry. Then mixes a cowboy blue paint with a clear glaze, one part paint with four enamel. Wrap the nail in two sections of one square foot (0.09 sq mt), and continues with a brush linen (available in stores for home improvements) to create the look of the fabric. Move the brush from left to right, then do it from top to bottom to create the illusion of Fabric Cross. Ends with a roller to achieve the added effects (see the Resources section). Always keep a wet edge to do this technique.

Another modern way is to paint the walls in neutral colors. Paint a sandy brown or brown, or whitish wall and opposite in a light shade of green moss. Paint the window frames, moldings and wainscoting in softer than the wall colors neutral colors.



In modern interior architectural elements have been painted to create accents and contrasts. Paint them in tones that complement the base color. Paint the bottom of the panels of color and the upper section of another. Choose a whitish color and putty or soft beige salmon, or apply paint inside an alcove or inside the fireplace. Choose a color that contrasts strongly with the walls, but it is in neutral earth tones.


White walls can be very modern, if not only the walls are painted white, but the floors, frames doors and windows , moldings and baseboards. Must be balanced with a simple design of dark furniture and window treatments in colors that include bright colors and shades of white.


Explore the options
Visit the website of the manufacturer of paint, such as the “digital painter” (digital painter) in Valspar.com (see the Resources section). This site, like many others, allows you to explore the different color options for you to accomplish a living modern. The furniture will not be exactly like yours, but you can see the interaction of your color choices with ornaments and accessories .