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Painting on walls to fillet

In the City of Buenos Aires is cultivated painting called fillet steak Buenos Aires. In the following pictures you can see colors fillets on the facade of one of the houses that are very close to that of the great Carlos Gardel. It is a decorative art that has been in the hands of very few in the present. There was a time when cars and trucks or groups (Buses) and posters were decorated with steak Buenos Aires. For more information review and see pictures of houses painted follow the link, you will find a list of relevant postings sorted for easy reference.

Painting on walls

Painting in Buenos Aires antique facade with Fillet
This painting, refined, has passed the level of craftsmanship and today is expressed as a symbolic art form. For the locals, residents of Buenos Aires, today has a close relationship with the culture of Tango and is also evocative of the days of her childhood, from the time of their parents and grandparents. For foreigners and tourists is something new, original, and will certainly cause fascination. steak was born in the early twentieth century a body of Avenida Paseo Colon of Buenos Aires City. The Italian immigrants popularized the steak through their decorated carts. In 2005 Buenos Aires was the Fillet Cultural Heritage of the City of Buenos Aires.

Exterior painted art Buenos Aires
The filet is the name of a painting technique and the Fillet Buenos Aires the name of a form of visual art. The colors and shapes that look corporeality together to produce complex images that can not go unnoticed. All painted facade fillet technique and art is like a large mural, a work of folk art on the street exposed to positively impress anyone who passes in front of it. is more than a decoration. the thread consists of a series of symbolic elements formed popular imagery. He represents the working class of an era.

The steak in Buenos Aires is a reference, it also shows the heterogeneity of the city. It reinforces the cultural identity of Buenos Aires. Being and doing Porteno is on the list. Particularly in this facade has been combined with painting steak Buenos Aires, in the same colors, the ornaments and decorations front and openings typical of Art Nouveau. the house is built in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.

The paint on facades with steak Buenos Aires is an urban art again. Previously, the steak was used for transportation (cars, trucks and buses) and posters, today applied in furniture, paintings and as here, as seen, on walls as murals. Buenos Aires Fillet Some artists are: Alfredo Genovese, Jorge Molina, Miguel Angel Aparicio, Sergio Menasche. Some people greatly appreciate this art and posters have been commissioned to identify professional services and shops.