Living Room Design

How to paint your living room with excellent color

The lounge is the unit center of most homes and the place where the family spend most of their waking hours. How to paint this room can affect you specifically on eye fatigue and abstract forms, such as emotional response and mood. Be careful in choosing the final decoration and design for the living room.


Start by finding an element of which draw their colors. This can be a table element will become a center on the wall, or may be a carpet. Oriental rugs are a good choice because you can find in almost any color edge. This item may be even the colors of the spines of the books from the bookstore or the colors of the covers of the CD or DVD. Select this item inspiration for exciting colors you choose to paint your living room.

excellent color

Choose two to four primary colors inspiring element and one or two tones to accent and highlight. The two main colors in your living room should be compatible with each other to avoid disturbing emotional influence. A third color should be neutral like white, beige or even peach, and is best used on carpets or trim around the windows.
Choose the most striking color of your inspiring element and use it to paint a wall. Paint all the other walls with the second most important color. The effect of a painted wall in a bold color creates a sense of movement and emotion. Choose accessories for the accent color. These accessories can be anything from a carpet to a lamp or a large bowl on the coffee table.

Check that the bold colors do not conflict with the natural environment. Avoid using dark colors if the sun of the morning coming into your living room, and spend most of your time there at night when you have no natural light. Avoid bright yellows and oranges if you spend most of your time in the room when the sun is illuminating because it can be too bright.

Avoid using colors that create emotional intensity. Too much red can stimulate you in the room when you’re trying to rest of the day. The energetic colors like red and orange can also create aggression. If you want the room to be a place of tranquility and peace, focus on the lighter, pale colors green and blue colors.