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Colors to paint the bedroom of a teenage girl gothic style

The Gothic theme focuses on the Victorian style, with an edge of the macabre. To achieve this style in a bedroom requires a little planning. Many teens think that the best effect is with all black, but that turns the room into a dark hole and does not attract the Gothic elements that most tweens are really looking for. Some tips will help you create the kind of atmosphere with a touch of charm.

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The colors associated with primary Gothic Revival movement are black, white and gray. The black does not work well for the bedroom wall and ceiling colors and white just looks anything but gothic. The answer is to think in terms of shades of gray. The underlying tone of the gothic theme is old, decaying stone. To achieve this look, paint all white room, it gives you a good base to work.

Look at the site in terms of bullets. Each wall should be bright near the center and become darker and darker as you approach the corners. It uses the same white paint you started with and add black to the paint in the tray from small amounts. It allows some of the look and the white paint mixture to look like it will go away or get dirty.

By the time you get to the corners, in the last few inches of the painting appear pure black color. Repeat this treatment for all walls and ceiling. Once the main work, use a toothbrush and make black spots on the walls to enhance the effect dirty, keeping random spots. Allow the paint to dry. Now it’s time to grow old your work. The main colors used ek Gothic tend to be purple blue or red. Select one for your accent color.

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Choose a color version gothic feel that is hard. For this would be more red tone burgundy for blue, think in terms of ghostly mist, and purple, imagine a color rotting Victorian mansion. Paint your door and cut the solid color. Add drops of black to the pan and mix the color for you in the door and trim. Want darker drag along the grooves of the door panels or equipment. Make the door and seat look a little stained and dirty with only small areas of bright color original color that shines. You can hang curtains that look half-broken and draw lines on the windows to make it look like shattered glass, using paint pens glass. The effect will be very gothic and ready for the gargoyles.