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Interior paint color trends

Tone chosen for houses and apartments.’s color of the year for interior paint and decorate houses is the orange identified as Tangerine Tango as the Pantone catalog. It is a color of paint for the house , intense, dense, reddish orange , alive. Can be used on walls, doors and windows, furniture, textiles and objects of interior decoration of houses. Review information on colors and paintings of houses following this link, you will find a list of relevant content.

Interior paint color

Tone paint
Orange Tangerine Tango the color. In the pictures you can see the combination of this color in the house. May predominate in walls and ceilings, or be a color in the palette chosen combination or to decorate the rooms.

-Interior decorated Environment
-Orange bedroom wall and tone textile
-Interior decorated with orange
-Walls, ceiling two intensities of orange
-Living room
-A room in natural colors more orange trend
For next year, the trend is to orange. The combination red with yellow over red dye gives a very nice color, is shown in Table full of tone in the first image above.

Modern Living
Living room with orange textile trends. The company Pantone has identified this orange, named Tangerine Tango, is a world authority on color. The color designated as the trend is a red pigment impregnated orange that is warm and positive energy states.

Orange dyed fabric
Tangerine Tango Textile Color for interior decoration. You can feel intimidating at first but the orange surprised by how flexible . Whether it is you addicted to orange and feel compelled to implement immediately for interior decoration, or you simply be a person who is choosing the orange to decorate , find ideas on decorations with images of Tangerine Tango to apply at home .

Orange Tangerine Tango Trend
This color combines the joy of yellow with red energy. It is an optimistic color and motivator, has style and class. It is a deep color, bold orange redder than the average, and can coexist with other shades of oranges in pairs . This color can be used in different intensities and combined in the same indoor environment.

Orange color in a kitchen
Orange kitchen furniture Contemporary. It is also possible to use this orange trend outside the house , for example in the door leading to a patio, or in the main entrance, below is a photo to prove it.