Major Furniture Styles

There are a lot of furniture styles on the market, and sometimes the terms used to describe them becomes confusing. You need to familiarize yourself to know what type of furniture you are looking for in your home, especially if you want to pull off a specific interior design style. Here is … Read more

Decorating a Lakeside Home

A lakeside house is a beautiful home to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. If your house is a lakeside home (or if you have one as a vacation home) you can enjoy the water view on your porch in a hammock swaying gently with the breeze anytime you … Read more

Caribbean Style Decorating for Your Home

Have you ever had a vacation getaway to the Caribbean islands and never wanted to go back? Have you always dreamt of going to the Bahamas, Barbados or Jamaica once in a while just to feel the warm breeze, admire the crystal clear waters, and dig your toes deep into the powdery … Read more

Retro Style Decorating for Your Home

The retro style as an interior design actually encompasses several decades of styles. It is used to describe interior decorating themes that are influenced by the themes of the past, particularly from the 1950s to 1970s. It has a fun and psychedelic feel to it that needs a certain personality to pull … Read more

Japanese Style Decorating for Your Home

Simplistic, modest, yet sophisticated – that’s a Japanese interior. It shows that beauty relies on natural harmony. It helps you appreciate the unadulterated state of nature and brings you to tranquility. It rejoices in the clean and uncluttered living and holds tightly to balance and order. If you are inspired by the … Read more

Decorating a Beach House

  If you own a beach house – whether it’s your permanent home, a vacation house, or a property you have for rent – you’re pretty lucky. Not all people who dream of having a beach house (and that’s a lot of people) actually did have the opportunity and the resources to … Read more

Decorating Your Apartment Wall

If you’re a renter, decorating the walls can come with a number of restrictions. Landlords don’t like visible holes and damaged walls. Because of this, some people don’t even bother sprucing up their plain, bland walls, since they know they’re going to move out eventually. But for some, not being able to … Read more

Interior Decoration Trends that are Getting Outdated

Trends come and go, and we know that not all that comes must be embraced since they won’t be in forever. For the past few years, there are interior decoration trends that are loved and well-received, but for a lot of designers, it’s just their time to go. Some are overused, some … Read more

Loft Style Decoration Tips

Loft interior design style has a splash of urban appeal that is hard not to love. It’s unconventional, unpretentious and stripped-back, allowing the architectural details of the building shine without too many embellishments. The loft interior is popular and this home design is typically adapted in free-layout apartments that have high ceilings. … Read more

Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house. But even if it occupies a small portion of your total square footage, you still need to take some thought in choosing the colors your bathroom, considering the style, the limited space, and its functions. In choosing what color scheme to choose, here … Read more