Outdoor Furniture

Outside furniture

Outside furniture are appealing for anyone who wants to give a party or just enjoy the garden. Various furniture materials, including resin and wicker are the most common are available. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Deciding between resin or wicker furniture is, after all, a matter of taste.

Most furniture is constructed of polymer resin, a version of high density polyethylene. This material is protected against UV rays and is water resistant. Another common material is EnviroWood. The replacement of wood is made ​​entirely of plastic bottles and containers recycled. Both materials are very resistant and withstand a variety of severe weather conditions. Wicker furniture are woven with materials such as willow, reed or rattan. They are made ​​to be very tough, but they have a natural resistance to weathering. Should be treated with a clear lacquer or varnish before use in outdoor .

Outside furniture

Wicker furniture have a much longer history than their counterparts, resin furniture. Wicker was first used by the ancient Egyptians for the manufacture of furniture. The first wicker furniture was made of anything from a reed marsh grass. Wicker furniture maintained their popularity until the Middle Ages, when they experienced a slight decline. Its popularity was renewed by the Victorian societies and has been preserved until today. Moreover, resin furniture were not common until the technology was developed to synthesize polymers.

Advantages and disadvantages
The resin furniture requires very little maintenance beyond occasional cleaning with soap and water. Even exposure to salt water does not damage the resin furniture. However, the latter is not biodegradable and is very heavy. It can be recycled, as wicker. Wicker furniture can last longer if they are not exposed to water or get too much sun. Wicker is natural and biodegradable, so the water can cause rot or mold appears. Exposure to sun can dry and make wicker crack or splinter. Better cover wicker furniture when not in use.

Wicker furniture is better blend with the environment. Create a rustic feeling naturally works best in a space outside . Moreover, resin furniture are now available in a wide variety of colors and textures. They may even resemble furniture wood natural. The resin furniture are easy to paint and repair.

Overall, wicker furniture are a bit more expensive than resin furniture. Certain amount of skill is intended in the creation of a wicker chair, which increases its value. Buyers resin furniture are a variety of prices. Not all the furniture of the latter material are durable. The heavier the plastic, probably higher its value.