Outdoor Furniture

What kind of paint to use for outdoor wooden furniture

Furniture air free can be constructed with various materials: wood, wicker, metal or plastic. Some paints and finishes algunao materials work well, but not others. Choosing the right kind of product will ensure a beautiful and durable finish.

Enamel paint oil based
The oil-based enamels are highly recommended for wooden furniture, wicker and metal. These paintings offer the best protective finish. A primer should be used before applying the finish coat. The oil-based paints require a solvent such as a thinner, to be used for cleaning.

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Enamel paint water-based (latex)
The water-based enamel or latex work well on wooden furniture, wicker and metal furniture. before applying the topcoat, a primer must be used to ensure an adequate bond. Latex enamels provide a high gloss finish that helps protect furniture from the elements, while at the same time offering the ease of use of a water-based product.

Dyes foreign
Dyes can be used in outdoor unfinished wood and wicker furniture or wood or wicker furniture and wood that have been previously dyed. Exterior Stains come in formulas based oil and water. Exterior stains are available in transparent, semi-transparent and solid colors. Transparent and semi-transparent colors allow some of the natural grain of the furniture can be seen.

Spray Paint for Plastic
The plastic outdoor furniture require special paint in order to get a durable finish. Spray paint for plastic is formulated to bind to plastic on a molecular level. Other types of paint tends to peel off quickly when used in plastic.

Finishes transparent cover
Clearcoat finishes enhance the natural beauty of wood and wicker while providing a protective barrier against the elements. These finishes fall into two broad categories: products and waterproofing clear outdoor varnish. The waterproofing products do exactly what its name implies, protect wood against water damage. Exterior paint not only protects the furniture from water damage, but also add a bright finish.

Homemade water based paints (latex)
Homemade water-based paints are not recommended for outdoor furniture. Because most of the units have flat surfaces where water can collect, latex paints do not provide adequate protection against water damage.