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Rugs combining with an orange sofa

If you chose a bright shade of orange sofa for your living room or den, the furniture piece will give an attractive glow to the room. The orange color – a combination of red and yellow – the color of emotional stimulation and also has a spiritual connotation, as it is a sacred color in Nepal and India as Decorating Dream Home. Combine the sofa with an attractive rug can easily complete your color scheme.

orange sofa

Brown Carpet
A neutral carpet in a chocolate brown or oak tone decrease the intensity of a tangerine colored or yellowish orange couch. Brown and orange are warm colors and mix well, making this part of your home look particularly inviting. A carpet in a light brown or honey brown shade will keep the subdued color scheme in the room if the sofa is a pastel pink or orange variety. A modest brown rug can also make a dark orange or tangerine sofa is more vibrant display.


Blue carpets
Blue is directly in front of the orange on the color wheel, so its cool tones contrasted perfectly with the striking nature of the orange. Choose a blue carpet of the same variant of the orange color. For example, a cobalt blue carpet is suitable for the front of a bright orange couch while a robin egg is colored an aesthetically pleasing addition to a color or a daffodil soft marigold orange couch.
Rugs inspired in 1970
As the orange was a color for furniture and home decoration common in the early 1970s, a rug inspired patterns that decade – as rows of square or wide lines – combine well with an orange couch. For example, a pumpkin colored sofa on a rug with tan and chocolate squares, enrich the scheme contemporary decor of your living room. A soft shade of orange tile, combined with a light pea green carpet, is also in line with decorating options that decade.

Monochromatic Carpet
Choose a carpet in a light or dark shade of orange for a monochromatic style. For example, if most of the studio is decorated walls with medium brown, dark brown or orange-brown panels side tables; adds blood to the front of a sofa with a mimosa shade to intensify the orange hue of the room orange rug. Accentuate the couch cushions with brown or bronze to orange not extremely overwhelming. A reddish orange couch, with a yellowish orange carpet underneath, creates a visually pleasing effect; the light colored carpet can also accentuate the tone of the sofa.