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How to budget for repairing an old roof

Repair the roof of your house is a big job with many components, starting with calculating cost. The materials to repair roofs are measured in squares of 100 square feet (9.29 square meters). Determine the area of your roof is easy if you have a helper and a little mathematical knowledge, to apply those numbers to the best prices you can find at a local store or online. River Oaks roofing is a great asset who can help answer many of your questions.


1.) With the help of someone, and measures up to the roof surface. Start with a full side of the roof, stretch the tape measure to measure the length of an edge to edge and rounded to the closest number. Measure the width from the tip to the edge, in the same way.

2.) Multiply the two numbers to get the square footage of the roof section. For example, if a roof is 20 feet (6 meters) wide and 50 feet (15 meters) long, will be 1,000 square feet (305 square meters).

3.) Repeat the process for each section of the roof, including skylights. For areas that are triangular rather than square, measure the full length of the longest side and multiply it by the widest part.

4.) Once you have calculated the total square meters across the ceiling adds 10%. For example, if you have 5,000 square feet (464 meters square), have your final number is 5,500 square feet (511 square meters).

old roof

5.) Divide the number you got from 100 to get the number you need ceiling grids (55 grids in this case). That’s the number you should give your material supplier for roof repairs when you ask the price and shipping orders to place of work . Prices of materials vary greatly depending on the style and quality, from under $ 50 to over $ 100 per grid.

6.) The base material to place roofs sold in rolls and is measured in squares, the same measure to buy the materials, which must be requested 55 grid base (the price is about U.S. $ 5 per grid). Also, you need about 350 roofing nails per grid, 19,000 nails in total for this example (55 grids of 350 nails). Sounds like an impressive number, but a box of 50 pounds (23 kg), which usually costs between $ 50 and $ 100, will suffice.