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Old house renovated with style

As you know, our goal is to offer tips and tricks for house renovated you to get a house. However, occasionally we like to show you examples of architecture and interior decoration that we find in different corners of the world. Unbelievably, they can also help you achieve the inspiration you need to decorate your home. Today, for example, we moved to Croatia to find a home that has tremendously to our attention. A project of interdisciplinary artist Boris in which the artistic approach defines the architecture. Today, it is a beautiful stone house located in the fishing village on the coast of Dalmatia, used as tourist accommodation. Would you like to find out more details about this project? Well, you know what you have to do! Do not miss anything we tell you then!

house renovated

The origins

The project that today we show entitled which in Bosnian means “house photographer”. In addition, it is that the house belonged to the first photographer pubic region, who was active in the decade of 20. Here he lived with his wife, but he also used the house as a studio. After his death. In fact, it was ransacked and damaged as many other homes in the area. Until 2015, the house will not be occupied again.

Balance between tradition and contemporary design

As the artist explains project manager, one of its main objectives in reforming this house was to find the balance between the architectural tradition of the area and local materials with contemporary design elements. Yes, it is important to note that at all times respected the rules imposed on the ancient dwellings established by the Department of Conservation of the Ministry of Culture of the country.

Contrast between public and private

One aspect that is striking project is the contrast between the inside and the outside of the housing. For example, it is important to note that opened the yard to the neighboring houses to maintain an environment social and open. What I wanted to achieve was a kind of meeting point. Instead, the interior of the house is designed for a couple, offering a secluded, intimate and private atmosphere. This contrast between public and private space is also reflected in the photographs placed inside the house, featuring killed in Novara and taken by Nicoya. With them, the artist wanted to document the lives of his contemporaries and tell their own personal story.

Similar to the existing house in the nineteenth century

Special mention deserves the furniture, which was largely built with materials recovered from the house. In addition, the artist wanted to preserve the sounds of the house, which meant restoring all the structural elements of wood, which were in very poor condition before starting the work. The result is more like the house that existed in the late nineteenth century, which resulted from its last renovation, which took place in 1980. Here we leave our gallery where you can see more images of this tourist house in Croatia. These are photographs taken by Tom Gay. Do not miss it!