Bedroom Design

Nordic style bedroom decorating

We transform a room of 14.5 m² with sad and dull walls, night tables damaged, thrifty beds, desk and wardrobe outdated; to turn it into a bedroom of Nordic style . We decorate the room with neutral colors and selected materials and textures that come from nature such as cotton for bedding with botanical motifs and light wood for headboard and bedside tables made ​​with oriented strand boards . Furniture are straight and very clean lines, without moldings, sturdy-looking and welcoming. We have moved away from the lush and opted for simplicity and functionality. We have taken a touch of color, to stay rejuvenating the closet that we had a cheerful and pistachio green reminiscent of flora and radiant nature. The furniture blends well with the gray gentle and sophisticated desktop . To dress the walls we have chosen paintings with marine motifs, with pictures of beaches, fishing boats colorful houses that take us to idyllic and relaxing places. Lets talk about bedroom decorating.

bedroom decorating

Step by step to decorate dorm Nordic style

Step 1
Paint color cream two-tone gray, one more paneling for main and front wall of the bed, and a lighter for the rest of the walls. Protect the floor with paper backing and baseboards and corners looking like bodybuilders, and paint.

Step 2
Let’s create some bedside tables with OSB cube-shaped. For each cube with jigsaw cut off four pieces on the board (2 long and 2 short, taking the measures you want for your table).

Step 3
Each cube is mounted by putting the base, placing above the 2 side pieces and then the upper table, sticking with glue. Once glued the pieces, let setting with the nailed. For a perfect finish we sander for surface and edges. Each nightstand need 2 buckets, one in support and one as a shelf.

Step 4
renew the furniture in the room, sanding, applying primer or sealer and paint. Shelving the paint melanin most modern industrial style gray.

Step 5
When wardrobe, such as the desktop, apply sealer or primer paint and then apply to be fixed well. To color the room, this furniture will paint a very vivid green pistachio.

Step 6
Let’s create the headboard with the same material as the tables, oriented strand board. To put the board on the wall will put slats as a batten, to secure the two panels that cover the entire wall, like a tailored. Once we placed setting with the nailed.