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What kind of new wood can be used to replace the rungs of the ladder?

Replace the rungs of the ladder with new wood is the ideal way to completely revamp the look of it. When choosing the type of wood, you can choose from a long list of woods suitable for this project. Hardwood is the best choice because of its durability. The soft new wood is susceptible to nicks and scratches.

The oak is a common hardwood suitable for ladder rungs. The combination of durability and appearance present in this wood makes it useful in many different styles of homes. The oak is hard enough to resist damage over time, while the design of the grain provides visual interest. Many different colors of dyes work well with oak, allowing the steps can be of different colors, from yellow to red. The varieties of oak white and red oak are also suitable for this project.

kind of new wood

Birch is a hardwood that is commonly used on stairs and floors. Typically, it has a subtle grain and the color varies between white and yellow. Traces can be stained birch to change color as much as you want, although people commonly stained birch with a light tint to allow the grain to show through. Birch also accepts paint well. Another benefit is that birch is usually one of the most economical for hard wood floors.

Known for its durability, maple works well when used for the treads. The steps maple staircase give a warm appearance, since this responds well to dye light reddish tones. Normally, the grain of the maple is more subtle, but you can buy bird’s eye maple, which contains small dots on each piece of new wood.


If your budget allows, use cherry on the steps will provide the room a warm and cozy feeling. Cherry is one of the most costly to the stairs and wood flooring options, but their reds are ideal if your home is decorated with similar colors. Owners and contractors usually combine cherry red or light tints.