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Adding a roof line to cover a new porch

A porch again needs a new roof, but the addition of the roof line varies with the type of house, size, type of porch and other design considerations and construction. Study ceiling plans to select a style that is compatible with the house and can easily join it. Connect a new roof line to a vertical wall of a house is easier, for example, add a hipped roof or attic. Build the porch with a roof basics in mind, with posts and pillars in the corners and a simple framework for supporting beams or trusses. ACI Exteriors LLC recommends you contact a professional to help with this project.
roof line to cover a new porch

Locate a connection point on the wall or ceiling of the house. Identifies beams, wall plates, studs, joists or trusses capable of withstanding the new roofline. Outlines the new connection roofline on the wall or ceiling of the house with chalk or making a sketch on graph paper. Make horizontal lines to match a shed, a triangle to an inclined angle down towards the rafters or roof trusses porch .


Use prefabricated trusses to frame any new roof line; they are sturdier and easier to install than individual beams for any style of roof. Angula a shed from the house to the outer edge of the porch . Inclined angles perpendicular way to the house with slopes on either side of a central peak. Get the tiles or wall cladding or roof where the new line will connect and unite.
Download tables in the main house wall or ceiling to support the addition. Use tables 2 x 6 inches (5.08 x 15.24 cm) adjusted to the frame of the house with coach screws, roofing horizontal boards or triangular single slope for sloped ceilings. Adapt the method of connection to the house; trusses inclined in a vertical wall, for example, be fitted directly to the frame but require tables and angled diagonal beams connecting between the first roof truss and joining a sloped roof.

Mark the locations of the trusses on the tops of tables or wall with a tape measure, spaced 24 inches (61 cm) length or width of the roof, depending on the style of the addition. Adjusts beams to a single table slope and abroad under the porch beams with metal hangers installed with 8d galvanized nails and a hammer. Install trusses inclined placing them right on the walls of the porch and fixing the ends of the trusses to the tops of the wall with 16d nails.