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Good choices of natural paints for interior walls when children

Paint the inside of your home when children can be difficult. Want to give a paint color and finish quality but do not expose your children to harmful chemicals, and if the paint is room for your children, you may want a color or fun and bold texture that can also easily cleaned. Pinta when your children are not at home, unless you use a painting inside natural and non-toxic. Ventilate the room painted during and after they are painted.
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Natural paints
Natural paints can reduce or even eliminate your child’s exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOC stands for), toxic chemicals and gases. The linseed oil paints usually contain natural pigments and can last longer than synthetic paints. Although wood paints and vegetable oil based emit small amounts of VOC are not as toxic to the paintings inside synthetic. Painting of milk, or protein or casein, milk protein and used lime, and most have no VOC mixtures. Paint in a base powder, and the mixture as needed. This non-toxic paint provides a translucent finish, so you need several layers for an opaque color.


Washable paints
Traditionally, paints inside satin or semi gloss offer a simpler flat and matte finishes cleaning semi. Paints for inside contemporary have “easy to clean” versions that are easy to clean, so you have many options. For an area where your kids can write graffiti wall looking chalkboard paints that allows them to write and erase on the surface, which works well in the game room and even the kitchen or in the hall instead of a board for messages.
Textured Painting
Add texture and color to your walls hides dirt and marks that is sure to happen when there are children around. Apply a faux finish sponge, rag roll or stain to add depth, and let your children help so you can appreciate and care for their design work. Paintings such as milk paint well because let show the texture of the tool you use to apply it. Paint layers in two different colors and a bold tone mixed or experience to make your children paint a mural or place the handprints on the wall.

Safety low VOC paint
Although based paints low VOC water is generally considered safe, researchers from the Universities of Harvard and Karlstad discovered that babies who inhale propylene glycol and glycol ethers (PGE, for its acronym in English) of the rooms painted with low VOC paints were found to be two to four times more likely to have asthma, allergy, and eczema constipated nose. Children living in a household where at least one room had been painted just after his birth had 63 percent more PGE than houses not painted after birth.