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The owner of a multifamily house

When the owner of a multifamily house lives in a unit, the owner is subject to certain laws and privileges in the state of Massachusetts. Some of the laws give owners access to loan and mortgage programs, while others protect the home of financial difficulties. In addition, there are laws that give rights owners special to vet prospective tenants of a discretionary basis if the owner does not inhabit his home.

Massachusetts gives owners more discretion to select their prospective tenants when the owner lives in the house. The owner can meet face to face with the prospective tenant and interact with him or her more freely, and they will live with the owner. The owner may also charge a new tenant a premium broker.

 multifamily house

Within certain limits, the owner has the ability to discriminate against a potential tenant. According to Massachusetts law, when the complex of apartments is a unit for two families and the owner lives in one of the units, major discrimination laws do not apply. An owner could deny the opportunity to rent to a tenant because of their gender, age, disability or number of children. This is only allowed in a house for two owner-occupied households. If the property includes two or more units, the full extent of the discrimination laws apply. The owner of a two-family unit may not discriminate based on race or color under any circumstances.

All owners are entitled to rent quickly and on time for all tenants, whether they live in the property or not. Non-payment of rent gives the owner the right to initiate eviction. There is no grace period for a tenant. The owners also have the right to increase the rent after a notice of only 30 days.

General Restrictions
Tenants have a right to privacy, whether the landlord lives on the premises or not. The landlord must give a tenant reasonable notice when the owner wants to inspect the unit. Inspection of the unit is only permitted a tenant to make repairs, protect against pests, maintenance state regulations such as fire codes, inspection before the tenant moves out and the drive seems abandoned.

Loans for first-time home buyer
Massachusetts offers home loans for first time owner-occupied properties under certain conditions. In certain areas designated by a census, newly built homes for two families are candidates for home loans in Massachusetts. The houses of three or four units in newly built home living are eligible for loans. Any other multi-unit structure must have at least five years to qualify for a government loan.

Massachusetts Law on Property
Massachusetts Law on Property helps prevent, inter alia, that the property and assets of the housing units were owner-occupied are settled in bankruptcy proceedings.