Moving 101: Five smart tips for an easy move

Most people have a hectic lifestyle these days. They are continually moving back and forth, searching for a dream job and moving houses to find a better deal. Or only traveling to another state to find a home close to family and relatives. The reasons are endless. Be it a better opportunity or a family need, and you tend to move to a better place.

However, you dread the thought of packing and organizing your existing things to move to a new place. The entire process is time-consuming and laborious. Your mind keeps running in all directions, exhausting itself in looking after different aspects.

Hence, moving takes a toll on physical health as it involves sorting things out and packing the whole house. On the other hand, it often affects emotional health adversely because it uproots your life and forces you to grow roots in a new neighborhood.  People say that they can make the shifting procedure comparatively calm if they get enough time to plan correctly.  In today’s fast-paced world, they get a maximum of two weeks’ notice, making the process somewhat complicated.

A lot of reasons compel people to decide moving houses. Several make a move because they want to settle down near their loved ones; better job opportunities take them to new localities for some people. In contrast, others shift houses due to the changes in their lifestyles. Despite the motive behind shifting, most people find sorting things out, packing, and then transporting them to a new place stressful. Experts suggest that keeping a checklist helps in making the process easier.

The following are five smart tips which will help you in making a comfortable and stress-free move:

1. Organization Is The Key

Some people have an ingrained habit of keeping things organized, while others do not mind having things scattered here and there. The former type of people put in effort in an organization, but they do not have to waste their time finding something. While people belonging to the latter category do not invest time in keeping things properly. Often have to turn the house upside down only to search for one particular thing. You may feel an urge to empty all your cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers at once and then start packing, but doing so will only make the process complicated. Designate a corner of a house for sealing purposes, and instead of dumping things in boxes, put them nicely so that you can use every inch of the box. Labeling boxes is another trick, and it will help organize things, but it will also make the task of unpacking easier.

2. Find An Affordable Storage

Packing is a crucial and troublesome aspect of moving houses. Putting all the contents of a home in boxes to transfer them to a new location and then unpacking is another hassle. A lot goes during moving, and people often miss out on essential things and lose valuable stuff in the process. Experts suggest that finding an affordable storage facility to keep their valuables safe is an excellent idea. That way, your fragile items will avoid getting damaged, and you can store extra things you do not need at the moment to use later.

3. Do Not Overstuff The Boxes

Many people make the mistake of overstuffing the boxes and ignore that people will have to carry them. Sometimes these boxes have to descend and ascend staircases. They travel through many hands, and not everyone will handle your things with care. Heavy containers are difficult to carry, and chances are they may fall and harm the contents inside. While you go about your activities and pack these cartons, make sure to keep an eye on the boxes’ weight so that they do not get overboard. Unless you have big things to transport, a better approach is to have smaller containers, and it will be suitable for you to transfer it to your new location.

4. Bubble Wrap Fragile Items

We all possess some fragile things that we want to take along, such as crockery items, delicate decorative pieces, or statement art pieces. Transporting light things is troublesome and requires you to be extra vigilant. It would be in your interest if you understood that an outsider would not take care of your belongings the way you do and may get careless while moving boxes. You should do your part and, as per experts suggestions’, bubble wrap your fragile items carefully. The wrap works as a defense and keeps the contents safe. Supposedly a box falls off or gets bumped into something, and the exterior may get affected. Still, the bubble wrap will react as a shield and keep things safe.

5. Declutter

Most of us do not realize that we have a habit of hoarding things up until we have to pack all our stuff in a few boxes. Taking extra things to your new house hoping that you might need them one day would only clutter your new home up. Now is the time to toss all the things you have not utilized in the past three months. Shifting involves packing, transporting, and then unpacking, and the fewer things you have, the easier your move will be.


The prospect of moving a house comes with mixed emotions. The anxiety of packing things supersedes the joy of decorating the new home. By preparing a thorough checklist and following the tips mentioned above, you can make the entire process easy and less stressful.