Home Security

Motion sensor light switch

A light placed in a security gateway provides illumination, but must be manually enabled or disabled by the owner. If you add a motion sensor, it turns on or off by itself. You can buy a motion sensor in a hobby shop or at select retailers for home and garden. Connecting motion sensor light requires no special electrical skills, but you have a few tools homey common hand.


Installing a motion sensor in a safety lamp.

Go to the fuse box and remove the fuse or circuit breaker off that supplies power to the electrical box in the wall where the light wiring is connected security. Place a ladder against the wall where the security fence is located. Remove the screws surrounding the safety light can be removed from the wall plate where it is attached using a Phillips screwdriver.

motion sensor

Pull the safety lamp to separate from the wall plate. Pull the tabs of the screws holding the black and white wires of the security light and the electrical box through the hole in the center of the wall plate. Turn each of the tabs on the screws counter-clockwise direction to remove them.

Wrap the exposed end of the black cable connected to the motion sensor around the black twisted pair cables. Screw the screw into the tab trio of black braided cables.

Unrolling the target pair wires are twisted together. Separate cables. Loosen the two contacts on the back of the motion sensor with the Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver. Wrap the exposed end of the white wire from the electrical box around one of the screws. Wrap the exposed end of the black cable to the security light in the remaining screw. Tighten the screws.

Screw the motion sensor on the wall next to the wall plate with wood screws using the Phillips screwdriver. Re-tighten the security light on the wall plate with screws that you had removed before using the Phillips screwdriver. Restore power to the electrical junction box power.