Kitchen Design

Mosaic in front of kitchen

In this program Bricomanía we show how to place a tile in front of the kitchen . Let’s see step by step how to cover and line the front with a decorative mosaic. In this section, we will teach you step by step how to coat the front of a kitchen using a decorative, modern and different material. A simple accessible to any DIY enthusiast job.

To line the front of the kitchen we will use a few sheets of glass mosaic , metallic finish that is easily installed in the wall. We will use tile adhesive for fixing and finish it the work, placing some trims. Finally, fill in the joints with a suitable product for this type of task.


Step by step to place a tile in front of kitchen

Step 1
After protect the counter top , mark the surface on which will work to grip the ground better . To do this use a spatula. Then clean the wall with a brush or paper.

Step 2
Now Come with cement glue . Pour the product into a bucket and pour the amount of water that indicates the manufacturer. Then mix with the help of drill and a mixing rod.

Step 3
Once we got a homogeneous mass, protect the forelock and the area will not be coated with plastic or paper backing.

Step 4
can now start applying mass . Using a notched trowel, we adhesive cement wall and extend properly.

Step 5
Then put the first piece , pushing for adheres well and put the spreaders, in order to maintain the same sore from all parts.

Step 6
Then f ijamos the second tile . Likewise we continue placing more pieces to cover the entire row.

Step 7
We again mass on the wall and put the pieces of the second row, without forgetting to put the cross hairs between the tiles.

Step 8
In this case, we need to adapt the final pieces to the space available, so the cut with a cutting.

Step 9
We adapt also the bottom profile into space with the help of the jigsaw and a sheet metal and look at their position. We put the last tiles.

Step 10
Once the cement glue has set, prepare the dough together and fill the wounds. To apply the sealant use a grout float.

Step 11
In this simple way, we covered the front of our kitchen , significantly changing the look of it. A practical and economical idea, protect, decorate or conceal any damage in the area.