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Modular prefab house

It is a model of modern house, compact, prefabricated modules based, made with SAVMS industrialized system, and produced in Spain with the prospect of competing in the international market.

Pictures of a modular housing model show straight lines geometric volumes , as a pair of boxes attached and displaced another smaller box above. Given that it is a construction system, there are modular configurations smaller and larger with several outbuildings. It is an unconventional bid for the European market which usually accepts the traditional type residential construction, and best with characteristics of architectural styles or classic taxes.

modular prefab house.

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Modern modular prefab house
A house like you see in these images can be raised and completed in just three weeks or less . Habitable volumes are on the site, or are built as transportable modules at the factory and then ship.

Its structure is of the “dry work” with lightweight metal profiles . The panels of each module volume or area covered by wood was chosen and termination. In this model of the photos, the exterior finish is metal sheets and plates. The house have insulation in floor, wall panels and roof.

View from one side of the modular home
The exterior appearance of the industrialized house model here images is achieved with the terminations offered by the manufacturer. In this example predominates outside and corrugated metal plates . The molecularity allows to expand the house as needed. You may purchase a minimum size settings, and then extend the home more covered area, as needed.

Facade of modular prefabricated house
The openings are designed according to the orientation of the structure on the lot, the breezes and solar radiation, to achieve the highest possible solar gain in cold climates, or conversely where heat dominates much of the year.

View of the interior of the model to the ground floor level
Housing projects can be set from 10 modular units, and any configuration defines a modern house in Spain to contemporary style , which impresses as Minimalist.

Floor plans and house cut air circulation
Source CSO is a firm of Madrid, the architect Javier de Anton Freile and equipment, in accordance with Torsan. On your website there are several pictures of the steps of the building process, plans of other configurations and illustrative photos.

This industrialized modular housing system is designed to maximize adaptability to the needs of the people, and minimize the impact on the environment, at a competitive price in the Spanish market. It is a flexible system for housing, allows buyers to choose a configuration with several possible modules , according to their own desires, needs and financial capacity.