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Modern wooden chairs

The chair is a modern model of three-legged chair is constructed with plywood and has seat and back upholstery. Its form, and especially their profiles cause a pleasant impression also translate the modern spirit . To review great furniture design follow this link, you will find a list of postings published in this blog of architecture for houses.

Plywood chair design modern Danish
An original piece of the 60 auctioned reached at $ 20,000, the current reproductions exceed $ 2,500. Appropriate furniture for the living room (living) in a modern or Eclectic style.

Modern wooden chairs

The details of the design are of high quality and fascinating. This furniture can be seen as a piece of modern art, like a wooden sculpture. Basically it is a low chair single armchair without armrests type of three legs, seat and back as shells molded plywood .

Modern design furniture, wooden low chair Cast
There are balance, harmony and subtlety in this design to unique modern wooden chair. A piece of furniture is functional and decorative at the same time. A design so successful that seems timeless .

Low chair single armchair modern type
Dimensions : The width of this chair almost reaches 92 cm, seat height is 35 cm and the total height of the cabinet about 74 cm in depth is 83 cm.

Front view of Danish wooden chair upholstered
Good architecture is Atilda indoors with large pieces of furniture design like this modern chair Modern spirit created in Denmark by Hans Wegner in 1963. Are hand made ​​in Denmark and they are requested in advance custom two to three months. You can buy them online on a U.S. website. The modern furniture has carved out an important place as a classic :

-Pure lines , harmonious and pleasant.
-Terminations of high quality .
-Ways to design ergonomic .
-Designed taking into account the role .
-Techniques ingenious construction.
-Noble Building Materials: wood and metal .