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Modern designer bathrooms

These 16 examples of modern and contemporary bathrooms are good visual stimuli to help re-design of the grooming and relaxation room, or the original creation of a new one. The photos are powerful for inspiration.

Designers of baths of greater prestige, for example: the Italians, the Germans, the English, and Americans, have developed own, subtle, profiles that you can learn to identify. No doubt the health industry provides products innovative and provocative designs.


modern designer bathrooms.


Bathroom or baths of home ownership are spaces where turns much of the investment in construction. For the remodeling of houses, baths and kitchens tend to have priority in the budget. Other angles which look at the bathroom, allows to appreciate the facilities of the environment in a different way, which serves to generate more ideas.

Top view of a small modern bathroom with natural colors
There are several posts here published on designs of bathrooms, follow this link to review them. It is highly recommended to look many pictures of bathrooms, with security to find a good deal here, on other Internet sites, magazine graphics, and up to luxurious books usually pro-oriented.


Modern Italian bathroom with mosaic gold set of luxury toilet and bidet
The luxury bathrooms can be found at coverings of walls and floors, toilets, and faucets. The combination balanced of all these elements, assisted by quality design, allows to make quarters dream bathroom.

Concept for a modern bathroom technology 
Built-in to bathroom technology is checked at the facilities which serve for the main function of the toilet and hygiene, and entertainment, since it is the bathroom of the House is also a useful private space to relax.A bathroom that evokes bars of chocolate is a success, because it is associated with the pleasure of savoring a fine food with the experience of the recovery that results from bathing and relaxation in a homely atmosphere.

Sector of a luxurious bright bath tub
Luxury in the bathroom usually in toilets and faucets, but it can also represent luxury available space in the room of personal hygiene, to larger more luxurious space available, and natural light that enters or even access to air free design of bathroom spacious and connected to the outside.
One of the new trend, spacious bathroom, with plunge pool and access to the light of day
The new bathrooms are spacious in where a small swimming pool is installed instead of the traditional bath, and you can enjoy plenty of natural light or views spacious environment of the House, always safeguarding privacy.

Modern bathroom bright and calm room with style and classic air
The style bathrooms rescued values classical design and decoration that is very well suited to the personalities of the owners. The modern style has today joined values generically called classics.

Modern bathroom with the warmth of wood and contrast in health
The contrasts and textures also have place in the bathroom. Leaving the typical composition in white, there are a variety of alternatives to cover surfaces and combined with the health.

Contemporary bathroom decorated with pixels on the walls
The decoration of the bathrooms has infinite resources. Everything is a matter of strategy to illuminate, impact, and create a very nice place.

Modern and luxurious bathroom with mirrors
Comfort incorporated into the bathroom through the design It can incorporate place to develop a single quarter. Mirrors expand the space and reflect light. Special designs may cause impact while adding features.

American modern and warm bath
Modern keeps a spirit that is rescued in some designs of current baths. The wood provides warmth, tile mosaics add colour, give style and character to the environment.

Contemporary bathroom with black laja and a diaper on the wall
The bathrooms are environments where very well combine natural materials, such as stone and wood. They are ideal for surfaces and furnishings. The metal is exposed in the faucets and some accessories. The glass is very functional but its presence is disguised by transparency.

Sink of organic design in white
The bathroom Design advances and Holland brings great experience to design objects, as you can see in organic sink in the image above. Organic forms are showing in the oval bathtubs, and this is a novelty.

Room modern and luxurious bathroom with bathtub type Coop and sink of very original organic design
The luxurious bathrooms may have few elements, the essential, but high quality and with details of exclusive. Design advanced and original toilet is a valuable contribution to the necessary to achieve a private luxurious bathroom set.

Tub design in a luxurious bathroom with a glass wall
In the bathrooms of residential houses is a huge variety of design ideas. Baths can show its own theme, because privacy bathroom is a space separate from the rest of the House decoration. Anyway, it is convenient to respect the style chosen for the full project alignment.