Mobile homes

Placing a patch on the roof of mobile homes

How to provide affordable shelter for mobile homes. The roofs of the houses phones can take a beating with constant exposure to the element. Choose a roof to a mobile home that is resistant to wind, heat and cold can be expensive. However, you can install an affordable metal roof on your mobile home if you follow some tips .

mobile homes

Temperature fluctuations, harsh weather conditions and aging cause leaks in the roofs of mobile homes. The stains brown ceilings and walls of these houses usually indicate a leak in the ceiling. Worn and rusted areas on roofs are also signs of leaks. If you repair leaks in the roof eventually cause permanent damage to the walls , insulation, doors and floor. Place a patch over losses on the roof generate quickly to prevent further damage and preserve the structural integrity of the house. The basic inputs are effective for patching on the roofs of mobile homes.





Access to the roof using a sturdy ladder. Walk on the truss or roof edge to prevent breaking a beam.



Scrape the damaged area with a flexible spatula. Removes all the earth , covered with dirt and peeling ceiling area.




Adhere strips of butyl tape one inch (2.54 cm) on the roof. Place the strips in a square around the perimeter of the damaged area.



Place a sheet of galvanized metal on the butyl tape. Place the metal so that 3 inch (7.62 cm) overlaps all sides of the hole.



Drill a hole each one inch (2.54 cm) along the perimeter of the metal patch. Be sure to drill through the butyl tape and also existing metal ceiling.



Drill screws into the hole and secure the metal patch at the ceiling. Caulk applied to the sides of the metal patch and around the pins.



Allow the caulk to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions. Use a paintbrush to apply roof cover all four sides of the patch. Overlay is covered with metal roof.