Mobile homes

Adding an extension to a mobile home

When you find that your current mobile home is like being small, it may be tempting to think that the construction of an additional room is a viable solution to this problem. While it is possible to build an additional room in the mobile home you already have, not something that is easily accomplished without much preparation and without the knowledge of the extensions that are made in such homes. If you do not take precautions, you may experience problems such as sedimentation, vibration and separation from home base.

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The function room will you be adding the most important consideration is that you must have. If you will build a porch, a deck or a garage, the area does not have to be heated to withstand inclement weather. This is the simple addition if you are trying to do it yourself and you have the necessary knowledge about the construction of extensions to mobile homes.



Dig trenches for the foundation. These should be placed below the frost line to prevent damage caused by motion.




Poured concrete foundations to create a solid basis for the foundations rest on them.



Build the foundations of the base. The easiest way is by using concrete blocks. It will be necessary to place blocks ventilation if you build an entire wall for support structure. This allows condensation to escape underneath the mobile home.



Build the framework for expansion. By creating the framework, not adjuncts to existing mobile home. Extensions may be connected with roofing and siding materials but to some extent be independent structures. This allows the mobile home and the extension move independently.



Insulate the walls of the extension; doing this will save a considerable amount of money on utility bills.



Finish interior walls with drywall 0.63 cm. Do not use thicker panels since it is not necessary in this application and places an unnecessary burden on the frame.