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How to decorate your home with mismatched furniture

You do not have to buy your furniture in default and almost identical sets for a pleasant and unified look. Whether you’ve accumulated a number of mismatched furniture and want to make them look better together or if you go to buy furniture but do not like the ultra combo aspect, follow these strategies simple decor but common sense to make your home look combined unequal furniture and all.



Purchase a certain type of furniture. If you are buying furniture for your home and know that you tend to prefer a look without combining choose a certain type of furniture, united by the style, workmanship or materials. For example, only purchase dark wood furniture, wicker furniture, Victorian, 50s or beach style.

mismatched furniture


Take inventory of the furniture you have and see if something combines. You can find it between your uneven assortment of furniture has subcategories that fit well together. for example, dark wood furniture in the living van, heavy Victorian in the family room, retro furniture in the master bedroom and wicker porch. Think from another point of view to arrange the furniture.


Visually unifies the furniture. When people look at a room, their eyes tend to group things by similarity. Adjust your furniture to look like a game but it’s not. For example, all furniture paints a white area with blue or black lacquer with gold edges stencils with the initials of the family. For chairs kitchen uneven, put round cushions upholstered in the same fabric. Furniture can visually unified by texture, material, color or style.


Everything with a wall of one color. If the walls of the house are u single color, visual continuity between the rooms will help you feel the coordinate space but do not combine furniture. Having a single color of walls also makes it seem larger to deemphasize the division between home rooms . You can also paint some sections of the house a light color and other dark, gathering the furniture accordingly.