Mig Welder Reviews

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welder machines have revolutionized the small-scale welding to a greater extent. Whether MIG welder machine is required by a hobbyist or a professional, MIG welder machine impacts the productivity in an amazing manner.

Hobbyist welders may want a welder machine that is available at lower price while professionals look for quality, durability and the reliability on the machine’s performance. We have put together reviews of some of the best welder machines that will give you an idea of how a welder machine should work.

Here a few Mig Welders machine and their reviews:

1. Millermatic 211 MIG Welder 

It is a professional welder machine that offers a great many beneficial features. It is capable of welding the heavier metals most effectively. It is a lightweight and portable welder machine as well as runs quietly without creating any noise. This professional welder machine can also run on the very low amperage for welding the light gauge sheets. The Mig Welder also has beneficial The Auto Spool Gun Detect™ feature, which automatically switches to Mig mode. The welder machine also has overload thermal protection feature.

2. Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder

This is the best welder machine that is suitable for both professionals and home users. This welder machine is capable of working as a Mig core and a flux-core welder machine. The welder machine comes with the high-quality welder machine, regular and high-quality heavy duty clamps. With Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder, you can undertake small-scale professional projects as well as home welding tasks.

Lincoln 140 Mig Welder Reviews

Lincoln 140 Mig Welder machines are famous among the hobbyists and DIY’ers. There are model differences that are not addressed by the Lincoln. There is Lincoln 140C vs. 140 HD. The main variations between the two models are given below:

  • Power Performance – Output Power: Both of the 140C and 140HD Mig Welder machines are transformer-based welder machines. Both of the machines produce 140amp while being powered by the 120 volt. Both 140c and 140 HD Lincoln machine runs the solid wire with gas and flux-core wire in the 8-inch or 4-inch rolls.
  • Wire Feed Speed: The wire feed speed of both of this welder machine is similar, which is 50-500 ipm. The wire speed control of both of these welder machines is infinite.
  • Duty Cycle: The duty cycle of both of these welder machine is 20% @ 90A (19.5V).
  • MIG Gun:The MIG gun for 140HD is Magnum 100L while MIG Gun for 140C is Magnum Pro 100L.
  • Diamond Core Technology: The 140HD does not have this feature while 140C is equipped with this Diamond CoreTechnology.
  • Wire Drive:The MIG Lincoln 140HD welder machine has heavy-duty cast aluminum wire whereas Lincoln 140C has industrial cast aluminum wire.
  • Weight: The 140HD has 50 lbs. whereas 140c welder machine has 58 lbs.

Top Features of a Mig Welder

Mig Welding is one of the most efficient welding processes that is used for performing high-end welding jobs. When the Mig is compared with gas welding, Mig is safer, more effective and more accurate way of welding. The top features of the Mig Welder are given below:

1. AMP:The amperage range is one of the most important features of the Mig welders. The amperage range gives the idea of the current’s intensity that is required for the undertaking various welding processes. One of the most common amperage ranges is 120 AMP. However, you can also find 140 AMP or higher range Mig welder machine.

2. Voltage Range: Another top feature of the Mig Welder machines is the voltage range. Mig Welder machines usually require 120-240 voltage range. The performance of the 240 amp voltage range is better than the performance of the welder machine with 120 voltages.

3. Portable and Stationary Mig Welders: The Mig Welders are normally lightweight and portable welder machines. The size of the Mig Welder machines affects the performance of the Mig Welder Machine. For instance,a lightweight Mig Welder Machine may have lesser power output. There are also heavier Mig Welder machines that are stationary.

4. Wire Feed Control:The Mig Welders have consistent and smooth wire feed control, which helps in laying the beautiful beads.

5. Warranty and Price: The price of the Mig Welder machines varies from one brand to another. But the generalized fact is that Mig Welders are affordable welder machines. Mig Welders are a heavy investment, so most of the brands give the warranty to the welder machines.

Buying guide of a Mig Welder

There are multiple features of the Mig Welder machine that must be considered before finalizing the decisions. These features are given below:

1. The Output Power

This is one of the most important factors. If you are a professional, you must buy a 240 amp Mig Welder machine. Otherwise, 140amp Mig Welder machine is sufficient for home or small-scale welding jobs.

2. Size, Portability and Lightweight

The Mig welder machine should be lightweight, compact and portable so that it can be carried around easily.

3. Thermal Overload Protection

The Mig Welder Machine must be equipped with this feature so as to prevent the inner components of the machine from getting damage.

4. Metal Body

The Mig Welder Machine must be made of the metal. The Plastic body is not durable.

5. Warranty

You pay a hefty price to own a welder machine. So, it must be warrantied.

Mig Welder User Guide

Following are some of the rules that must be followed while welding with Mig Welding machines:

  1. You must use the Mig Welder machines for welding only.
  2. All the safety precautions must be taken before welding with the Mig Welder Machine.
  3. Nonessential items must be removed from the welding area.
  4. You must follow the professional methods of welding, earthing the machine and the work-piece.
  5. You must check the welder machine and use it properly.
  6. There must be wire extinguisher around when you are welding – in case fire is lit.
  7. Strict rules must be followed for avoiding the gas cylinder toppling.


Mig Welder Machine is the powerful machine that helps in joining the different types of the metals. There are many factors that must be considered before buying a welder machine. Rules and regulations must be followed strictly while welding.