Bedroom Design

Master bedroom designs

A master bedroom with L shape decorating presents challenges due to the non-traditional way. However, the L-shape lends itself to create two different areas in your room, expanding it. The bedroom can be combined into a living room that offers away from the rest of the house or in an area of refuge offices , depending on how you want to approach the room. With care, you can create a master bedroom designs that you’ll really enjoy.


Paint the walls a color you find soothing and relaxing. In the smallest of the L-shaped section painted a complementary color that is darker or lighter to further separate the traditional area of ​​your room.

Master bedroom designs

Place the bed against the part superior of the form of L. This will help to separate the two areas together even more. Put nightstands on either side of the bed to store books and alarm clocks. This prevents your room from becoming too cluttered.

Choose a chest of drawers for the bedroom. Choose a high cabinet drawers to put on the wall near your bed, and a smaller set for it on the bottom or under a window at the other end of the room where the L is formed

Place a small sofa or a chest at the end of the bed depending on your storage needs and personal preference. The chest can store linens and blankets and still serve as a seating area for your room.

Place a rug in the bedroom portion of the L-shaped room The carpet will help separate the space from the rest of the room.

Place furniture in the bedroom section to your liking. If you have an office , put it in front of the window or the back wall to make it even more separated from your bedroom. If you intend to create a seating area, two comfortable chairs with a table and a lamp will provide a relaxing space.

Hang pictures on the bed and in the living room or the office of your room. Hang a mirror opposite a window to create a feeling of more space and light up the room during the day.

Choose shades that complement the environment. The curtains hanging to the ground will help the room look more spacious. If you have furniture under the window, select only the curtains hanging in the window.