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Making a suspended canopy

The bed canopies are not just for beds with four posts . With an overhead canopy, you can hang your new bed decoration on any bed no matter the size. Make a poster for yourself is not expensive. With a few objects and material, you have everything you need to make the canopy. You can use any type of fabric, but the tulle is not only economic but light and easy to work with.


Measure the height of your room. You need to buy the amount of tulle twice the height of the room.


suspended canopy

Take the inner circle of the embroidery frame. An embroidery hoop is made of two rings, the inner ring fits perfectly within the outer ring. When sew or weave, the fabric is placed over the inner ring, then the outer ring is pressed onto the inner ring. This keeps the fabric stretched between two rings. This same principle is slightly modified to create a canopy.
Place your tulle on any flat, clean surface. The tulle should be smoothed and arranged. Slide the inner ring of tulle underneath, making sure it is centered.

Position the outer ring over the tulle over the inner ring. Gently lift the tulle until about two feet (60.96 cm) of fabric is pulled through the outer ring. Press the outer ring to firmly hold the tulle in place.

Fishing line threaded through the upper part of the net that was pulled through the outer ring. Tie the fishing line with a double knot to secure it to the canopy. You can use a material different from the fishing line (as bar) if you prefer.

Draw a small dot on your roof with a pen to mark the point where the canopy will hang. Generally , the canopy should be centered on the head of the bed. Half an embroidery frame 17 inches (43.18 cm) should be hung about 9 inches (22.86 cm) from the wall. If the ring is very close to the wall, the canopy bow.

Screw the eye bolt in the ceiling brand pencil.

Pull the canopy at the ceiling and tie the fishing line in the canopy. Tie the line with a double knot to secure.

Adjust the canopy so that the opening of the tulle is pointing at the foot of the bed.