Making a pond for the garden

To enjoy a garden is essential to plan in detail every one of the elements that we want to place the resulting harmonic whole. It is increasingly common to find a pond in the gardens of many homes. Depending on the space available, you can choose the shape and size of these buildings. Then we will show you, step by step, how to build a beautiful pond easily and very cheaply. important to choose your location. It is not a random choice, a pond should be 4 or 6 hours of direct sun a day. With less sun, water flowers bloom and not too much, we risk that unicellular algae forming. Also, we have to avoid having trees around so that its shadow does not interfere.

the garden

Step by step to a pond for the garden

Step 1
Once we have decided where we will build the pond, started digging the hole with a shovel; we will make a pit one meter deep. Then we will shape the step that will in large part the perimeter of the pond.

Step 2
We took a layer of sand 10 cm inside the pond to prevent possible sharp objects can damage the plastic will post later. Extend the sand layer and pianissimos until compact.

Step 3
extend the plastic to completely cover the hole, leaving a small part out, around the hole. It is advisable to expose the plastic in the sun for two hours before loading, to soften and adapt better to the surface.

Step 4
When you have finished setting the black plastic, put some stones on the top edge and threw water up to knee height, to seat.

Step 5
Then we take the step decorative gravel in the pond helping a shovel.

Step 6
In the top placed slabs that hold the plastic in addition we have placed to retain water, decorate our pond.

Step 7
After cutting the excess plastic, we calculate the pieces and geotextile blanket measures that will need to be placed around the pond and cut with scissors. This fabric allows moisture to pass through but prevents outbreak grass.