Kitchen Furniture

Ideas to make your kitchen simple and elegant decor

Whether you’re done decorating your new kitchen or if you want to keep your current space as a nice place, need to know how to properly store utensils in order to keep your kitchen look cluttered. The design ideas suitable for storage can help show you added decorative details to your kitchen where you built a welcoming space for your guests and family.

 make your kitchen


Built into the wall
The installation of some built-in shelves on the wall allow you to store decorative plates and vases and figurines that coordinate with the theme of your kitchen. The shelves are ideal for storing frequently-used dishes and crockery you include in your daily meals. For example, if you used red and orange to decorate your kitchen, make a display of your pots or bowls fine blend with these colors and you will achieve the highlighted kitchen space. The old plates are also ideal for display on shelves built into the kitchen, and small details like designer salt and pepper shakers or cups with plate.


Hang utensils
Hang cookware is one of the best forms of storage for kitchen tools and great dishes. For example, if you cook pasta and soups often hang your favorite pots above the stove so that the dishes are affordable and look good when not in use. You can also use storage units where large hang utensils. Adding some lights or lighting around you hanging light fixtures dishes that you like and the decor may serve as a constant reminder of the delicious dishes you prepare in space.


Skids to store
Use sliders to store shelves in the kitchen and to make the most of your space. It also adds another decorative element to the space. If you do not have many closets or drawers in the kitchen, install a removable small shelf near the stove to store your spices . To host your plates, bowls and bowls, you can have a removable storage drive. Install it right next to the dishwasher to load and unload the machine dishes is an easy task. If you used two or three colors to decorate your kitchen cabinets can be of a color that matches and then see what you store there. That is, a green cabinet for spices or bronze cabinet for dishes.