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How to make stairs safe for children

The stairs are needed in two-story homes, but can pose a serious hazard to young children. It is very easy to trip and fall on a staircase , but the worst part is that these accidents end up causing serious injury. Refrain from letting your children get on the stairs until they are ready to do it safely. The Child Accident Prevention Trust (Trust Child Accident Prevention) recommends waiting until children are about two years to begin to teach, but your job does not end when you finally can climb the stairs . The care and safety must be maintained throughout childhood ensuring that your stairs are safe and easy to scale.

make stairs safe


If necessary, reshape the steps to make it safe for children. The stair risers must be closed to prevent children from slipping and falling through them. It covers the railings that are too far apart, and that young children can fall or be trapped there. The Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States (Commission Consumer Product Safety) recommends no more than 2 inches and 3/8 (5.9 cm) between the bars of the birthplaces where sleeping babies . This is also a good rule of thumb for evaluating the separation of the railings handrails your ladder .

Replace damaged carpet, frayed or loose with another safe and snug. Even down to the smallest wrinkle on an old carpet can catch on the tiny toes of children. Place a mat type broker or a covered or non-skid pads on the stairs of wood to prevent soft shoes and socks slipping.

Install a bottom rail inside the main handrail for children to have some height to which subject. Be sure to place railings on both sides of the stairs .

Place a set of security gates at the top and bottom of the stairs . To make it easy for adults to climb the stairs , the door placed at the bottom instead of blocking the stairs to the top floor.

Keep all toys, shoes, magazines and other items that cause clutter, away from the stairs at all times. It’s a good idea to put baskets on the top and bottom to throw these items when you find them. Loose objects left behind in the stairs are a danger that can trip children still not stabilized on their feet and adults who have loading babies or toddlers.