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How to make curtains fit

The curtains for window can update the look of a room and enhance the decor of a house and provide privacy and block light, while properly fit your windows. The curtains do not fit correctly to your windows can detract style value to the house and fail to provide privacy and light blockage. Properly measure the space to be covered by a curtain ensures that the window is blocked, whether it is manufactured or custom, and that is the right size for the window.


Determine what style of window treatment fits your specific space. The casement windows are long and narrow and are attached to the structure by one or more of the hinges. The curtains of the window frame often have a pocket where the rod fits in the top and usually a more formal curtain window. These hanging near the ceiling, brush or “splice” on the floor in a pile and are often made ​​from heavy fabrics. The sash windows are usually seen in historic homes and consist of one or more movable panels or “frames” that hold glass panels are often separated from other panes. These typically have curtains that are installed above and outside of the frame and the end on the sill so that the window is still visible. The same style is popular for windows. The curtains of coffee are less formal look, cover only half of it and usually have light fabrics. These are curtains Popular for a kitchen or rooms with short and square windows.


decorate the walls

Measure the height and width of the window area to cover with curtains . To give a more formal look to a small window, placed the curtains higher above the window and hang them on a longer than typical for that window size so you make the window appear longer and create a look more elegant space.
Add additional inches to allow encortinar measures or weighing down the fabric on the floor and to the seams if you’re making your own curtains . Adds five inches (12.7 cm) on each side to allow the seams and caking on the floor and where the curtains are mounted on the wall above the window to determine the length .

Purchase material for curtains custom or prefabricated panels to fit the measurements.

Sew the curtains to the proper size and hang.