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Make an armchair with a barrel

We propose the creation of an original chair starting from a barrel or cask. The following work Britannica we show step by step how to make your own armchair. A barrel or a barrel of wine can help us to make different furniture. In this section, we will build a couple of very original seats, we will place on the outside of our house. A quick and easy work, available to any bricolador. single barrel will draw the basis of the two seats. Oscillators support tables at the bottom of each barrel and incorporate wheels. Then, place a pouf cushions or within each structure. As for the finish, a suitable varnish for use outdoors.


Step by step to make an armchair with a barrel

Step 1
First thing we do is to put a strip of flexible wood in the barrel, which will guide us to trace the cut line.

Step 2
The barrel is composed of different staves are simply united by the straps. To prevent the structure from collapsing when cut, insert a tapping screws on the straps.

Step 3
now going to court. We started with the jigsaw provided with a blade for straight cuts in wood and then finish off the job using a special blade for curved cuts.

Step 4
Then limamos singing to leave the perfectly rounded surface. We remove all burrs well.

Step 5
In the rest of the work surface with roller multilateral equipped with a multi-layered brush. Once we left the wood completely smooth, remove any dust with a cloth or paper. If you do not disposition this tool you can perform the task with any other sander.

Step 6
is the turn of the finish. First, we take a primer coating with the help of a short nap roller. We protect your hands with latex gloves.

Step 7
We expect the product to dry and apply the varnish. We have opted for a clear varnish, but you can choose another dye, the tone that you like.

Step 8
After the drying time which indicates the manufacturer, we place some boards support wheels at the bottom of each structure. We are introducing the pieces and make a pilot holes, using a thin wood drill.

Step 9
Then, we hold the tables barrels with some screws. To insert, we must use a screwdriver bit appropriate to the size and shape of the head thereof.

Step 10
We have completely finished the seats! We have placed in the garden, next to a coffee table. The result is spectacular.