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Maintain and clean the washer

The washer will benefit greatly if every few months you spend a minimum of care , especially if you use it very often. These tricks do not require much time and in the long term, will be profitable because the machine always work well. Here we give ten points to consider. Lets talk about Maintain and clean the washer.

Prevents overloading

As tempting as it is put in the clothes drum all possible, you have to make room for water and so clothes move. Respect the manufacturer’s recommendations.

clean the washer

Ventilate the drum

See to leave the door open after using the machine so that the drum ventilate and dry properly. That way you will avoid mildew.

Seal clean

regularly spends a clean cloth dampened by the rubber seal. It is where the scum accumulates and causes an unpleasant odor, especially if you wash with liquid detergent.

Clean the detergent box

Take the box every few months detergent and wash with warm water. Do not forget to remove any buildup that has adhered to the bottom of the box.

Clean the exterior

Clean the exterior periodically with a nonabrasive cleaner or delicate neutral dishwasher and water with a cloth wrung out. Dry with a soft cloth.

Clean the filter

depending on the model and its age, you may have to occasionally remove debris that accumulate in the filter. Consult the manual to see if you need, how and how often.

Make maintenance wash

regularly performs a maintenance wash an empty drum in the cotton program. It is important if you wash cold, because it prevents the accumulation of soap and lime deposits.

Add sodium carbonate or vinegar

wash When you add in the box keeping a cup of baking soda or vinegar to flush out any calcification.

Remove calcification box

If in the back of the box there are calcification, a toothbrush soaked in vinegar and used scratch. If the lime deposit is very large, remove the box and let it soak in water and vinegar.

Close the stopcock

If you go on vacation or you Planes be a season without using the washer, close the tap water, as this will prevent leaks in your absence.