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Log cabins handmade craft .

This cottage style is characterized by the appearance of the logs because its bark is extracted. But the natural features are preserved, not alter, modify or change any of its features. The cabins handmade artisan usually give a more rustic impression. This is because the logs used in the construction have irregular shapes.

However, with some special devices and experience, most builders carefully handcrafted cabins can bark off the logs and place each log in the right place to ultimately harmonize with each other all the timbers.

Log cabins handmade

Since handcrafted cabins are more laborious than wood machined, the time required to complete these cabins handmade longer. Production of wooden huts built manually has more costs because the work is done entirely by hand.

The handcrafted cabins were built for the first time in Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. Indeed, it was the Scandinavians who introduced the log cabins in North America.

Between these two styles of log cabins, the processed wood or sawn log cabins are usually preferred. It is because they are cheaper and easier to build than the log cabins made ​​handmade. The machines do the work, so that occur faster without much difficulty. Moreover, the builders of huts made ​​of sawn logs have developed more skills in marketing their products and the benefits of developing this type of construction. Thus, people demand more timber log cabins.

Handcrafted rustic log cabin
Whatever style you choose to build your cabin, it is worth noting that the log cabins have grown tremendously in the preferences to do the typical rustic house far from the city. With the many benefits of the log cabins, most Americans build such cabins, not only as a vacation home, permanent residence also. Surveys show that many homeowners prefer to improve their cabins with ornamentation, so they end paying significantly more money than typical homes. All this makes the wooden log cabins are part of U.S. conventional housing.