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The loft trend in decoration

The loft trend in decoration. It is increasingly common for people to be decanted for stays loft style to decorate their homes. Here, we focus on seeing what a loft decor. A loft is a large space and open that has very few divisions, which is very bright and usually features large windows. In decorating a home loft refers to an area of its kind that can be used as a dwelling.

The origin of loft dates back to the early 70s, when factories and disused warehouses began to play a leading role by the need for large spaces to live and work more economically. At first this trend spread among students and artists, but over time, the buildings were rehabilitated and turned into luxury homes, modern homes and cutting edge style .

the loft

Details loft

Materials loft style

usually the most used in this type of decoration materials are usually the brick , the cement , the plastic and metal. Thus a very industrial look, which is increased when combined with beams, columns and walls of these spaces is achieved.

Colours loft

Generally colors like blue and gray are usually the most used. cool colors are most characteristic of a loft. In less extent, but also widely used, are the earthy colors .

Lighting loft

One of the most striking aspects of a loft is your lighting. By having large windows and thanks to that you have plenty of space, lighting is one of the most characteristic aspects. It is very important that the outside light into the room. Moreover, we must also pay attention to the artificial light . It should reform the illumination light with different points inside. It is very common to see wires in view of the different lamps that are prime elements of decoration.

Designated loft style

space plays an important role in decorating a loft paper. Usually, the roof must be high . It is also very important that the spaces are open and that has the fewest partitions. While decorating a loft is somewhat cold, the important thing is that thanks to the decor we achieve in the room a warm atmosphere is created. The minimalist style and its main features can be combined very well in this type of decoration. This type of decoration can leave certain details of work in sight : the columns or the cables are usually very common.