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How to make a living room style

The decor style shabby chic is comfortable and eclectic. It is characterized by the use of accessories vintage style and taste for prints and warm cloth. Although this style usually consists pastel based, there is no reason why you can not include a bright orange. In feng shui, orange is a color “yang”, which means that it belongs to the fire and the wood element. According to Eastern tradition, it is believed that promotes concentration and gives a sense of purpose and organization. Creating a living room style shabby chic orange is quite easy to accomplish.


Think about what kind of effect you want to create. You can continue the orange theme throughout the room by means of bright accessories, or you can soak the essence of space using only orange on the walls. Another option is to use orange accessories to unify the room, the only rule is to select a softer tone.

living room style

Add texture to the room with a special working wall as an accent. Choose a solid color to the rest of the walls. Paint the accent wall in a shade of very light orange, then mark a few vertical stripes and paint them in the same bright orange and put them in the other walls. Let dry and then paint horizontal stripes of the same color giving the impression that these weaving them “above” and “below” vertical stripes. This trick will also help break the potentially overwhelming to have four solid walls orange effect.

Make small orange flowers stenciled on the surfaces of furniture and white coffee tables, wooden chairs and storage trunks. Use the same color of the walls to continue the bright and bold outline. You can also select a softer tone and you’re still respecting the orange scheme, but you will lighter and less vibrant. Try adding a few small mats plaid orange your chairs.


Stack several cute cushions on your sofas and armchairs. Use a variety of fabrics printed with polka dots, stripes, checks and floral motifs. Mix and match various shades of orange and place one or two pillows between brown and yellow to break the orange line. Blankets that mimic the old quilt based finish (patchwork) create a warm and cozy atmosphere when placed on the sofas. You can also stick to neutral colors or create the illusion of a patchwork style blanket stitching just some squares of fabric either orange, with one yellow and one brown.

Put some accessories around the room to complete the look. Take a tour of thrift stores and flea markets to find lamps, mirrors, ornate frames for photos and other pieces of vintage style. Fills a pair of antique porcelain bowls with a natural orange potpourri and used bottles, jars or as vases antique vases. Arrange flowers of soft orange, bright yellow and white around the room. The pressed white flowers can be displayed as still life in frames with brown backgrounds along the walls. The brown background highlighted the form of the flower, the orange wall and can also be used to “anchor” the art pieces that seem to fade into the walls of solid color.