Living Room Design

Living room design ideas

Separate living room design ideas of open space in different living areas can be a challenge. When you try to divide a design open space, consider your goals. The mono-environments often require solid barriers between the kitchen and the area of the room while the rooms larger room can be separated easily by adding not as solid bars, like drapery panels. By dividing a shared room, consider the needs of its occupants, children require less privacy than college roommates. If you want that once divided your rooms look aesthetically connected, use common decorative elements or similar paint colors to create a sense of unity.

Living room design ideas

The drapery panels are an easy and inexpensive way to separate rooms. Also, weigh little, which is easily save or to move when necessary. Note that although a separation create visual snapshot between living areas, offer limited privacy, as most of the curtains do not block the sound. Use curtain panels to separate big rooms and create smaller and cozy areas, or to conceal storage areas. Large panels to the floor of cheerful colors can help you separate the living room and the kitchen. Bamboo curtains covering the doors without restricting the air inlet. You can separate the living room from the dining room elegantly suspended panels hanging some curtains.


Folding screens can separate rooms convenient and elegant way. Use them to hide in the locker bedrooms, or to cover a reading corner in your living room. Because the screens are portable and modular, you can buy several and use them to separate rooms habitable according to circumstances. The old screens look good in classic decorative combinations, but almost all screens can look good if you cover your panels with attractive fabrics and wallpapers. Also, you can use antiquated doors to create eclectic independent screens.

The shelves can be an attractive option to split your rooms as well as a place to provide additional storage. Bare shelves add a decorative glow to the designs of open space, while floor to ceiling cabinets provide practical consists of dormitories children. If you are using shelves to separate meeting room, consider using the extra space to display your valuables such as china, books, glassware or antique vases.

Freestanding walls
To create a more private space, consider installing a self-supporting wall. Although it can be an expensive option, a wall offers more privacy than other separation methods. This wall looks especially good in the dormitories. If you will install a self-supporting wall in your living room or dining room, consider placing a fireplace, as it will make your room look more real than functional.