Living Room Design

Living room decorating

From time to time trends in decoration passed from fashion and our stay can stay something old. Therefore, we show how to upgrade the room to continue maintaining a stylish modern . Update your room’s decor is essential to keep us feeling comfortable in it and for this stay retains its importance and modern air despite the passage of time. we show you, step by step, to renew the living simply and without a large financial investment. If you follow these simple guidelines, you convertibles your living room into a unique setting where the colors of the walls mark the style bringing mainly light. Lets talk about living room decorating.

living room decorating

Step by step to update a room

Step 1
will transform one last room fashion a stay most current and full of color : Goteborg will remove the walls; will paint two different colors; will restore the outdated comfortable stay and fill new furniture.

Step 2
will withdraw all the furniture of the room, and we will remove the Goteborg walls . To do this, we will produce a homogeneous paste with a flat spatula apply all over the wall. It is important that the dough is smooth and not be too liquid.

Step 3
In this step, trim it with a brush angles and areas of difficult access, and a roller with telescopic handle will paint the rest of the surface of the walls : one chocolate brown walls and other green cactus.

Step 4
will give a new look to the old comfortable : apply a glaze preparer passing the wool around the furniture, let dry 15 to 20 minutes and clarify with water.

Step 5
We will then apply two coats of paint scandal red with the help of a small roller. This color will bring an energetic and carefree touch to the whole stay

Step 6
Then will stick adhesive vinyl foil on top:’ll stick the piece from the center to the corners pressing with a rubber band to prevent the formation of bubbles and will trim the excess with a knife. We will end by placing a new shooters.

Step 7
To finish our work place a new sofa multifunctional, some opaque blinds and a cheerful green carpet . Also hang on a wall frame a composition, and one ceiling tears lamp glass . In this simple way we have managed to update a room .