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How to make more legroom in a kitchen peninsula

A kitchen peninsula with legroom inadequate peninsula can do less functional. The peninsula usually encompasses the kitchen and a dining area and the space on the side of the dining area is used as a bar area standing. It is a good improvement to make the bar as functional as possible, as this would only require the addition of a few centimeters to the eaves of the roof. Get this space is easy and often inexpensive.


Step 1

Measure the projection of the peninsula. The minimum space for people low is 12 inches (30 cm). To the most high, ranging from 15 to 18 inches (38 and 45 cm). Deduct the amount space you want. Check your measurements against the wall if you die in a wall peninsula aside. Make sure there are no obstacles in the space to expand.


legroom in a kitchen

Cutting a glass butcher block or the length of the peninsula 14 inches (35 cm). Cut the butcher block with a table saw. Make cut glass three-eighths of an inch at the ends as finished.
Spacers hits the bottom of the glass. Use a spacer of 1 inch high (2.5 cm). Spacers placed in pairs with one of 2 inches (5 cm) from the edge of the existing space to the counter and the second of 1 inch from the edge of the glass. It uses a set of spacers every 2-3 feet long (about 0.60 to 0.90 m). This should allow the old glass cabinet exceed by 12-18 inches (30-45 cm).

Fixing screws through the bottom spacers butcher block. Check first set of spacers using the same pairing and the measures used for glass. Once the locations of the spacers are chosen, look at the butcher block or cover glass bottom to ensure that the locations of the spacers are accessible from the bottom. Some should be in the nose area of the top of the existing counters, some should be on top of the meter cupboard. Open the cabinet to verify that you can reach the place of the spacer with a drill.

Turn the glass block or butcher block labeled backwards. Place a large sheet of paper on the counter and mark the exact locations of the holes medians. Punch a hole through each mark. Place the side of the brand of paper on the counter and mark through the holes of the exact location of the positions of the spacer.

Place masking tape on the location to drill and transfers your mark on the tape. The tape will prevent splintering countertop. Drill through the counter using the right kind of drill bit for countertop material. Screwed through the underside of the counter using bolts and washers screwed on the glass spacer. Use wood screws for screwing through the spacer hole and the butcher block.