Bathroom Designs

Ideas for decorating the columns of your home

Many homes have columns and not everyone decorates simply leave them as is as a structural element of the building must be mandatory. Normally we do not often think of the potential they have and we can do many things to be well integrated into the decor of our home. A column can give you a great aesthetic sense home regardless of whether they are in a room in the entrance hall or as in some cases in the center of the living room or lounge. All of them can be decorated with style but how can we do?


The column does not have to be compulsorily painted the same color as the rest of the stay you can opt for similar tones or contrasting colors making the stay has a deeper dimension. Even if your decor is bold you can use the columns as a break point and apply a very striking color.

Besides painting, you can decorate in other ways such as adding texture and volume. In the market there are different kinds of foam that can stick in the columns regardless of their form or also can be covered with wood as you can see in the picture above. Harnessing the surface of the column to turn it into something functional rather than decorative, it can also be another option. Hooks to hang a magazine rack or staggered shelves on which put any decorative object will give more life to the column.

If our house has a modern decorative style one of the current trends is the placement of a liner under which a strip of LED lights that provide an ideal to create a relaxing atmosphere warm light especially if the light intensity is adjustable.