Living Room Design Modern Architecture

Ideas for two seating areas in a large living room

If you are lucky enough to have one of those great big houses with a spacious living room, you may not know how to organize the seats. Many living rooms have a central point around which are placed furniture. In large living rooms, you need to create two focal points. These focal points will depend on your interests and the architectural elements of the room.

large living room

If your living room has a fireplace, this will be the center of the room. Improve it colorful paintings hanging on the mantel, ordering interesting art objects on it or placing pieces of sculpture in the fireplace. Define the area by placing two sofas facing each other or in an L-shape around a coffee table with casual comfortable chairs on the opposite side.

If your living room has large windows with views or a gazebo to the garden, let this be the second focal point for your seating area. You can create a conversation area or adding a cocktail bar on the wall and placing large club chairs looking out on a low table.

Areas of activities defined
Create a musical seating area with a grand piano as the focal point mignon, and chairs and couches for your guests so when you play. The furniture can be turned the other area for conversation. The understanding of wine may place a “wine cellar” as a second focal point of the area and provide seating restaurant to taste the wines. Avid readers will want to install libraries in one end of the room and provide comfortable looking chairs, side tables and lighting suitable for silent reading or book discussions.

Ways to define the areas
Arrange the furniture to define the different areas making the sofa or the backs of the chairs are against each other. Add a table compartment or just put a nice antique upholstered bench between the two areas. Area rugs are essential to define the areas. Use plants in large pots or screens as decorative room dividers. Apply touches of color-coordinated, with pillows or art, for the cohesion of the two. Leave enough space between the specified zones for easy navigation.