Bathroom Designs

Large bathroom in green

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom and I like green color, no You can not miss this example decoration. Then we will see in more detail. The bathroom is one of the most intimate and personal rooms of a house. In addition, it is a widely used space. Therefore, we must pay special attention to your decor so it becomes a nice area.


In this example we are presenting, you can see a big size bathroom which has been decorated using different shades of green and light brown for everything related to wood. A perfect combination of colors to create a natural, warm and welcoming style. In the case of wood , in addition to use on the floor in a light tone, also it has been used to decorate the wall in which the bidet and toilet is located. The rest of the room is tiled with white tile that helps to give more light and wider.

The use of mirrors in the bathroom is also a feature of this example. Has placed a large mirror in the bathroom wall reflecting the contrary in the shower is located. Furthermore, the stop den which are the bidet and toilet, a mirror is placed at half height. This mirror is under a simple storage cabinet and having a strip of white LEDs, this light is reflected and helps illuminate further bathroom.

As for the green , it should be noted that is the main color of the room. For bath accessories such as rugs, it has opted for a clear tone. For I switch cabinets, it has played more with color. All cabinets are the same composition and are decorated with horizontal lines of different widths in green hues combined with yellow and white. Another use of green can be seen in the mosaic that is created in the sink area. In the wall of the sink, and under the mirror, it has placed a mosaic of different and small square pieces that give a modern touch to the bathroom.

Another element that makes the stay acquire this modern and contemporary twist are ceiling lamps. To illuminate the sink area well have placed two hanging ceiling lamps that help increase lighting to recessed ceiling lights. In addition to the lamps, the design of health also maintain a modern and contemporary aesthetic line. In short, it is a large bathroom that thanks to the colors used, and especially mirrors, it has increased the sense of spaciousness achieving bathroom bright , friendly and modern.