Living Room Design

Design ideas of partition walls kitchen and living

Sometimes a large, open-plan represents a challenge. Activities in the kitchen may not be conducive to family members studying or watching television in the living room . The stored usually represents another challenge with a kitchen and living room open. A wall dividing creative and practical help to solve both problems, adding privacy and dividing the space. The walls dividing decorative options can be permanent or removable structures.

living and dining

The privacy screens, including those foldable room dividers are excellent. This concept is ideal for landlords who occasionally need to separate the living room from the kitchen. Folding screens come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, materials and high. For lovers of vintage items, you may find this style folding screens looking in antique stores, rummage, consignments, estate sales and thrift stores. A flat wooden screen can be easily adapted to match any decor with just a few coats of paint and some stencils to create intricate designs.


Deposit options
Large pieces of furniture are ideal for creating more permanent division between the living room and kitchen, especially for families who need extra storage space. Design experts suggest using independent Sunset cabinets that go from floor to ceiling. Find a piece that includes doors to store extra movies, blankets and kitchen items. Add open shelves of the same finish on each side of the cabinet to create an open storage space for collectibles, trinkets and family photographs. Also note use shelves that do not cover the entire surface between the doors. They allow a busy mom to see her family in the room, while granting some screen. To save objects that are hidden, tucked use baskets on the shelves.
Wall construction
To completely separate the two spaces, some owners may want to build a wall between the kitchen and living room . The walls can be framed with wooden beams, partitions finished with plastered and painted to match the decor. Unless you count with appropriate construction skills, this is a job for a professional commission, according to Tom Silva of This Old House magazine. Framing and properly hold one wall requires knowledge about the original construction of the house and a new wall . A wall is a risk poorly constructed and can collapse, causing significant damage or injury.

Decorative Ideas
In addition to the folding screens and furniture, there are several elements that act as decorative wall between two rooms. The walls of sculptural metal are either modern or artistically designed spaces. Create a wall on building a planter between two spaces. Add large plants as indoor citrus trees or perennial plants in pots. Fill the remaining space with decorative stones. Also consider using panels of fabric hanging from the ceiling.