Dining Room Design

How to create a Japanese dining

Japanese style means peace. It consists of the colors found in its fertile soil and rich, and the forest full of lush bamboo plants. The decor is subtle, uncluttered and artwork and accessories that have been developed from centuries of Japanese culture, samurai sword, kabuki-inspired masks, kimonos and traditional Zen gardens, help set the tone for this room . When completed, a Zen-inspired space offers the perfect retreat to enjoy a cup of green tea at the end of a long day.

Japanese dining


Tends to the elements and paint colors earth tones, but mostly brown, black, green, gray and brown as the dominant color. Accent colors are red and green.

Paint one wall red or jade green. This should be the wall you plan to become a focal point.

Hang your artwork on the focal wall. There are a number of possibilities. Hang wall fans, a traditional kimono,Japanese letters, swords or Japanese bamboo print. Uses only a few pieces of the screen. Unlike many European and American styles, Japanese style decor is sparse with minimal embellishments.

Choose a table and chair set with simple lines and squares. However, you have to have a table that requires chairs, can choose a table that is low and adopt the Japanese position with cushions around it. These would be another item to offer your accent color.

Pints ​​tables and chairs with a black lacquer if you already are not.

Place mats on the floor and center your table in that area.

Set the table with tea set and individual straw. Add chopsticks with bamboo leaves and a simple centerpiece with candles floating in the water.

Use Japanese-style sliding doors or screens to divide the space. These are made of wooden frames with rice paper windows. They are common in Japanese decor. You can often find these types of issues in a furniture store that sells international styles.

Decorate a side table with bamboo plants.

Hang a ceremonial gong and fringes on the wall near the windows.

Locate a source for indoor Zen.

Place a decorative stage in the corner with a Buddha statue or vitreous china.

Japanese lanterns used to illuminate the space. You may have hanging lanterns, floor lamps or lanterns desktop and of course, a combination of all these types of lamps also works.