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Making an Italian style kitchen

If you are thinking of redoing your kitchen to give it a cozy and inviting, Italian style can be an option. The key to making Italian decorating work is to keep comfort in mind when you choose the colors and styles. From rustic to elegant, you can create a style that will make your guests come back for seconds.

Italian style kitchen


Choose warm colors for your kitchen.
Use a color palette inspired by the Italian. Warm tones cover the Italian villas, making them look inviting and cozy. Use vivid and bold colors such as dark red, vivid green and golden yellow. Put one of these colors on your walls and choose colors to highlight and match your decor. Keep the color palette of three or four colors to keep the look very ornate atmosphere. Add terracotta, gray, salmon and blue to attract attention.

Search for shades that give an Italian style to your kitchen.
Use window treatments that help create the style of an Italian kitchen. Your environment will look good with a brocade curtain curtains or shades of brown. The blinds are another option to give a distinctive Italian flair.

Use utensils and objects that give a warm touch to your kitchen and Italian.
Add textures with interesting and useful objects. An enhanced with stucco wall is impressive, but you can add texture with fabrics. If the environment permits, add columns or arched opening. Add warm light and decorative designs with applique. Find a linen tablecloth, napkins and individual places on the table or bar. Put colorful yet comfortable cushions on the chairs and banquettes. Woven carpets and wicker baskets add warmth.

Italian style accessories accentuate the decor.
Find accessories that are durable and effective. Search countertops with a stone look. Granite and marble are a good choice. Exposing beams help to create a warm and authentic. Choose a set of dishes that highlight the style of your kitchen. For example, a set of steel for a rustic wood and thirst for a more modern and stylish.

Choose colorful tiles to give a special touch to your kitchen.
Add items to make Italian style blended. Looking painted tiles to put on the walls or add colorful tiles. Locate a mosaic of Italian style to your sink. Put a mural on the wall to add drama. If you have room, add a wine cellar. Find antiques to decorate as well as modern items for cooking Italian meals easily. Pottery is another aspect of the Italian decor is important.