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Rome was not built in a day, but you can forget about the deadline when you’re looking for Italian decorative products that reflect the beauty and culture of this ancient romance. Decorating with Tuscan influences is based on both the theme and color as it does in artifacts and symbols so take some liberties when choosing accessories, wall coverings and other little touches to make each of your rooms in a vacation in Rome.

Italian home decor

Italian products to cover the walls
Cover the walls to define the environment. The burnt umber and terracotta are two colors reminiscent of old plastic, but if you choose Italian products that go even further, think outside a plaza. The inexpensive wallpaper transforms a white wall in a landscape of a farm of olives, street scenery, a market or Italian vineyard (see Resources). Converts textured paints and glazes in earth colors if you have a lot of space or do not like the wallpaper. Applied with plastic tools, paints and enamels thick look and feel authentic and are an excellent background for art mural. You can put veined marble tiles on the walls to turn a simple bath into a luxurious spa Roman.

Italian products to cover the floors
The Italian wine cellars, courtyards and rooms have interior floor types authentic and worn so choose styles that reflect this style decorative closure. Wooden planks in wood or synthetic substitute give the flavor of rural farms to the floors, choose the color of wine barrels when making your selection. Alternatively, ceramic tiles that replicate the appearance of rough stones, bricks and terracotta tiles in families nostalgic golden colors, brown and rust are excellent choices. Take the topic of your marble floors and walls.

Products Italian art for the walls and tables
Add the flavor of the great Italian masters to your home to choose objects to walls that are replicas of large paintings created by Michelangelo, Botticelli and DaVinci when decorating. You can find Italian art media ranging from plates and bottles of wine grapes to barrels and impressive Renaissance tapestries. The labels of Italian wine bottles matte individually framed and hung in a grid illuminate small areas and when it’s time to decorate the shelves, curio cabinets and tables, Chianti bottles and dried grape clusters or using shelves of dishes to put limited edition collectible art full of colors and Italian themes. The statutory is expensive in Italy.