Is It Ok to Wash Pots and Pans in the Dishwasher?

Dishwashers play an excellent role in maintaining our utensils and all cookware clean. However, not all types of cookware in your kitchen are dishwasher safe. When you purchase particular cookware, there is a need you read through the manufacturer manual to know how best to clean the item. 

Some are best washed by a dishwasher, while others need to be hand-washed at large. Depending on the maker’s design and material, the manufacturer has it on the manual, the best way to clean it. Is it OK to wash pots and pans in the dishwasher? Read through this project to get an idea on this topic.

Is It Ok to Wash Pots and Pans in the Dishwasher?

Manufacturer manuals state clearly the best way of cleaning a particular item at large. In case you go against what is said, you will probably damage your expensive cookware such as flat-bottomed magnetic cookware. This article shall have ideas about whether you can wash pots and pans in the dishwasher

Gaining a clear understanding of the topic will guarantee an extended shelf life of your cookware at large. So, is it OK to wash pots and pans in the dishwasher? Let’s discuss different material pans and pots and state clearly whether they are better washed in dishwashers or not. 

Cast Iron

These are among the common options of pans and pots you will find in the market for sale. They are not dishwasher safe cookware, and therefore you should never clean them using these machines. Conditions in a dishwasher become wet and hot; this is not ideal for cast iron at all. The hot and wet conditions make these items rust and eventually wash away the nonstick protective coat on their surfaces. Always consider hand washing cast iron pans and pots to increase their shelf life. 

Non-stick pans and pots

The manufacturer’s manual is an essential and must-read tool for every homeowner who needs to increase their cookware’s shelf life at large. Pans and pots with this feature are only washable in dishwashers if only recommended by the manufacturer. Dishwashers diminish the nonstick quality feature quickly and thereby making them for their intended purposes and use at large.

In case you lack the manufacturer manual, reach the brand manufacturers online for more information about the issue. In case everything goes in vain, then play safe by hand washing your pans and pots. 

Aluminum pots and pans

Utensils made of aluminum are prone to scratching at large. This is the main reason all utensils made of aluminum are not the best choice for dishwashers. The manufacturer’s instruction should always be your guiding tool when it comes to washing them. 

Besides this, the aluminum-made utensils are also prone to developing dull finishes on their surfaces over time. In case the manufacturer states the commodity is dishwasher safe, you better alternate between putting them in the machine and hand washing them. This can help preserve them for an extended period to offer you excellent service. 

Stainless steel pans and pots

This is the common material most people have recently turned to. They have a clear and adorable shiny surface and are durable at large. Most manufacturers recommend that the stainless steel cookware is dishwasher safe. However, it’s always good you go through your manual since there are other cautions you need to be aware about. Dishwashers, for instance, have excessive humidity that might corrode the metal. This is why other people consider hand washing them since they can control the temperatures of water they use.

People always need their commodities to serve them for an extended period. Therefore, it will be best if you consider hand washing these utensils at large. However, if you are running out of time and the manual indicates that the cookware is dishwasher safe, don’t hesitate to put it in the machine. A point to note, if you consider putting your pots and pans in a dishwasher, ensure you space them from other utensils to prevent them from scratching over. Once they get clean, ensure they dry up thoroughly before storing them.

Copper pots and pans

These are other material pans and pots you will find in the market at large. However, they don’t make among the ideal dishwasher safe options at all. Copper pans are shiny and colorful. Putting them in a dishwasher tarnishes their beautiful color and shining surface. Manufacturers recommend hand washing them to maintain their general look and increase their shelf life. 

How do you know whether cookware is dishwasher safe?

Knowing whether particular cookware is dishwasher safe is ideal for increasing its shelf life. As a thumb rule, the manufacturer’s manual should be your guide in this. The material and features the cookware is made of plays a significant role. For instance, the nonstick, aluminum, copper, and cast iron cookware are not dishwasher safe.

In case manufacturers recommend dishwashers, you alternate hand washing and machine washing in this case. Besides following the user manual, always be cautious about other materials at large. It is all about preserving the life of your pans and pots. Therefore ensure you follow everything as recommended to prevent damaging their quality. 


Is it OK to wash pots and pans in the dishwasher? Determining whether your pans and pots are dishwasher safe is essential. This not only helps to increase their life but also maintains their efficiency for an extended period. At times, even if the manual states a particular item is dishwasher safe, we can go against it and hand wash them if there is time to do so.

This way, you will maintain every part of the item you retain its functionality and general appearance at large. After reading the manual, you should figure out the best way to clean your cookware depending on your time. For instance, other materials like copper are not dishwasher safe and should be kept off from these machines at all costs. You can put other materials in it but keep alternating between machine and hand washing.